If you are a female fitness professional who is ready to push the limits of your own athleticism and master cutting edge information on movement, breathing mechanics, and training for effective client results then:

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Educating yourself in systems that use sound principles is imperative if you want to be at the top of your game as a trainer, and it's even more important if you are a female because we do not have the same opportunities for growth and leadership and often most of our mentors are male. Will all of the  complex concepts there is information overload, it’s easy to feel like you’re never going to get it or it’s not worth learning because you don't even know where to start, or that even when you do get it you don't really know how to apply it effectively on the gym floor.

There are a million fitness professionals online selling garbage that is not useful and doesn't get results. The majority of them don't even use an assessment or a principal based model. Likely we will never change that, however, you can set yourself so far above the crowd by being the most knowledgeable trainer with a model that takes the most cutting edge information and allows you to get results that speak for themselves. You don't need to rely on gimmicks or false promises! That is empowering!

When clients come to you and you can make huge changes in an hour and sometimes in minutes, you don't have to sell yourself because their results are their buy in! I literally hate sales! Trust me my marketing person, Beverly, can tell you that. 😊 But the truth is I have never had to sell in my life. I don't do packages, I back bill a month behind and I never ever have to worry I won't have enough clients because I have a waiting list to get in with me, and this was all created by word of mouth, results, and happy clients. 

I've taken a ton of certifications over the past 22 years and that includes some of the most advanced courses that take years to master and I've created a program that gives you all of that information in a concise, applicable format. The 12 weeks will leave you with a systemized process based on principles so you can truly be your individual best and create your own model that sets you apart. No more algorithms, 20 point assessments, or worthless information in a gym setting, I'll show you how to see movement and manipulate it for each individual in front of you so you can create any change you want.

And have you considered what it will look like if you stay stuck trying to implement the same old information that's not progressing your business forward?

The cold hard truth is: 

Our understanding of human movement and performance is constantly evolving, if you don't have a sustainable model based on principles that allows you to  asses and evolve, then your complicated clients can’t get lasting results which will keep your schedule empty.
You need to prioritize the success of all of your clients so you become the most sought after trainer in your area or online!

 Empowered Performance is Designed to Get You There.


It's Time To Expect More From Education and Training!

If you are a female health and fitness professional that wants to be EMPOWERED with cutting edge information on movement, breathing mechanics, and training, while pushing the limits of your own athleticism, this is the program for you!

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Empowered Performance isn’t just another certification course like the others that you have taken, It’s a 12 - week intensive process that will help you go from feeling confused and stuck to creating and implementing programs for your self and clients based on solid understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and first principles of the most cutting edge information available regarding breathing, position and athletic movement.

  • You’ll learn how to self assess using active range of motion testing to help you understand your own compensations and ingrained patterns as well as how to assess and help even your most complicated clients.

  • How to create a simple and effective program from complex training information that you actually understand. If you are a trainer who has struggled with understanding or applying the often complicated world of breathing mechanics based on multiple systems and algorithms, this course will simplify your strategy and make it more applicable to a gym setting. The art of programming is lost and I'll teach you how to become an expert.

  • Community of top 1% of fitness professionals, so that you can absorb and develop your own ideas in your own time, and have an educational opportunity that is community based so you build relationships that encourage questions and build you up as a professional.

  • Build an incredible level of strength, progress thru explosive plyometric drills with confidence, and develop optimal awareness of proper movement to prevent pain and become extremely resilient.

Why I Created The Empowered Performance Program



Here’s What People Have Said About Empowered Performance.


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Ivana Mi - Personal Trainer

In a world where most seem afraid to share their knowledge and skills wanting to keep themselves above the rest, it seems like you gave us your EVERYTHING! Nothing seemed rushed, nothing seemed half-assed. And you shared it all on such a high professional level, in terms of content and delivery. A puzzle of biomechanics theory + training program + coaching mentorship + individual needs all within this specific approach. I literally had a feeling of puzzle pieces falling into place each week.
The name EMPOWERED PERFORMANCE fits! I felt empowered in so many moments!
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I am extremely grateful for the Empowered Performance Program and all that I have learned while participating.  Katie has this incredible ability to break down complex, principle-based strategies in a simplistic manner so it can be easily applied to movement.  It has truly given me a whole new perspective of how I can assess and view movement. With the addition of the programming, I was able to feel the immediate impact by directly applying these strategies and techniques to my own body.  The Empowered Performance Program is impacting more than just those who are participating…  As Katie influences and challenges us, as coaches, we are able to make a more positive impact on our own clients.  The passion she pours into this program is exceptional and will definitely light a fire under your ass to be a better coach, altogether! 
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Rali - Personal Trainer

This program has everything. Training, education, community, support. I have done many courses, but this one was the first which challenged me in positive way. Katie is so good of teaching and explaining the why’s, even if things are very complicated. You also have access to online group where you can always ask questions. I think this program is worth every penny.
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Laci Weeks - Fitness Coach

As a fitness professional myself, I understand coaches need coaches! I was drawn to your program because education was part of the package. I learn best when I can actively apply the material to my own training. Not only am I getting an awesome program, but I am learning material to help me as a fitness coach...can’t  beat that! I also loved the fact that lifting heavy was part of the package :)! Your program design and philosophy spoke to me and did not disappoint! Being injured as a young athlete right out of college (2 hip surgeries and 1 shoulder surgery) led me to pursue a fitness and health career. I love the fact your program challenged me as an athlete, continued to reinforce a solid foundation, and allowed me to fit the program for my body type.
- Biggest Takeaway: I was able to learn how to apply my new knowledge of the body to a real life strength and conditioning program. It is much less overwhelming me to me now.

Here's What You Get:

12 online live group calls that include education from me on breathing, biomechanics, active self assessment, tendon health, and more, as well as a live question and answer covering: 

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Everything you need to know to get started on the right foot for the course and your own training.

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A deep dive into my assessment, breathing, and position, that is the basis for the entire course.

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A study of the human system, including organ placement, asymmetries, rib angles, and the diaphragm. 

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A study of the bones, muscles, ligaments, pelvic diaphragm, and how the pelvis orients and rotates. 

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A study of the bones, muscles, ligaments, and movements of the shoulder in relationship to thorax position.

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How expansion and inhalation can result in shape change of the axial skeleton and compensatory movement.

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How compression and exhalation can result in shape change of the axial skeleton and compensatory movement.

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A detailed explanation of squats and hinges in relationship to breathing and how to use a principal based approach.

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A detailed explanation of pushes and pulls in relationship to breathing and how to use a principal based approach.

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A deep dive into coordination, motor control and tendons that will change the way you program and get your clients amazing results!

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A discovery of the importance of coordinating the pelvic diaphragm and the foot with various phases of gait.

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Creating a comprehensive program that can lead to lasting results for anyone you work with.

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2 Additional lectures that do a deep dive into the world of pelvic floor PT, with Dr. Emily Kadish, PT, DPT

Emily Kadish, PT, DPT is a physical therapist specializing in women’s pelvic health and wellness. She obtained both a B.S. in Exercise Science and Doctorate of P.T. degree from Marshall University and has continued her education with Postural Restoration Institute, Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute, APTA Women’s Health, Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist course, and is an Empowered Performance grad. Emily’s passion for pelvic health stems from her own difficult journey through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Her mission is to bring greater awareness to the issues women face and encourage women to become comfortable with the uncomfortable with all things pertaining to pelvic health. She strives to bring hope, confidence, and empowerment to women navigating their journey to pelvic health and wellness. 
Dr. Kadish will be giving 2 lectures that deep dive in to the world of pelvic floor physical therapy. She will explain the role of internal pelvic floor therapy, misconceptions of it's application, as well as how your knowledge from this course can enhance and improve a clients outcomes. If you are a trainer, you can use this knowledge to provide greater solutions for your clients so you can support their therapy while getting them stronger.  If you are a physical therapist, you can learn techniques for incorporating external and internal manual therapy so you can get lasting results for even the most difficult patients. This knowledge will set you apart, no matter what your role in the industry, and it will allow you to market yourself with confidence as a bridge between Rehab and Performance.
It's time for women to expect more out of their training and rehabilitation and this is going to allow you to provide them that missing link!

*In addition to the mentorship 

You will have access to 12 weeks of programming that will help you understand the concepts from the course, increase confidence and athleticism in the gym, and EMPOWER you to train like an athlete.

During the 12 weeks you will build an incredible level of strength, progress through explosive plyometric drills with confidence, and develop optimal awareness of proper movement to prevent pain and become extremely resilient.

If you’ve struggled to make progress, end up backsliding because of injuries, or feel uncomfortable trying new things then this program has it all. You’ll have access to me for all your questions throughout the program as well as the support of like minded, badass, women who want to push the limits in the gym. Your program will be delivered via an app on your phone to make it convenient and streamlined every time you enter the gym.

And These BONUSES Are Waiting For You When You Join Empowered Performance

  • Over 8 hours of bonus pre recorded calls from some of the best trainers and therapists in the industry, including: Rachel Balcovec, David Grey, Dr. Sid Stuart (OBGYN), Michael Mullins, Alex Effer, Chris Kelly, Dr. Jason St.Clair, and Dr. Jill Zimmerman.

  • At Home Programming of Empowered Performance in case you don't have access to a gym facility.

  • Over 6 hour of LIVE Bonus Calls from these Top Coaches, PT's, and Dr's in the field.

Our Live Guests 

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I’ve helped hundreds of coaches, clinians, clients become powerful movers and now it’s your turn!

My 1:1 clients pay me anywhere from 1-5k to work in a close customized setting.

But over the past few years, I’ve seen so many smart talented coaches struggle with understanding complex training systems that it prevents them from moving forward with brilliant ideas in their head.

Which means if you never get this figured out, you’re never going to feel confident enough to book up your schedule.

It’s for that reason alone I want to make sure I get this training into the hands of as many people as possible. 

So, if you’re a female fitness trainer ready to go all in, then

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A Quick Recap of What You Can Expect:

  • 12 online live group calls that include education from me on breathing, biomechanics, active self assessment, tendon health, and more, as well as a live question and answer.

  • 12 weeks of programming designed to get you strong, powerful and athletic.

  • 5 workouts a week, 3 main lifting days and 2 conditioning.

  • Easy to access customized programming on the Train Heroic app. 

  • Group camaraderie and accountability through an online forum where you can share struggles and triumphs, ask questions and relate to other women.

Enroll in Empowered Performance Today For 3 Monthly Payments of $297

How she took complex principle-based strategies and turned it into a simplistic system

How she took complex, principle-based strategies and turned it into a simplistic system


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So Now it’s time for you to make one of two choices

The first choice is to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing… then nothing changes.

BUT if you already know that you want to make a greater impact join us inside EP and start your transformation and I’ll see you inside.

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3 Monthly Payment of $297