If you are a female fitness professional who is ready to push the limits of your own athleticism and master cutting edge information on movement, breathing mechanics, and training for effective client results then:

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If you are a female health and fitness professional that wants to be EMPOWERED with cutting edge information on movement, breathing mechanics, and training, while pushing the limits of your own athleticism, this is the program for you! 

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The 12 weeks are designed to help you understand the anatomy, biomechanics, and first principles of the most cutting edge information available regarding breathing, position and athletic movement.

You’ll learn how to self assess using active range of motion testing to help you understand your own compensations and ingrained patterns as well as how to assess and help even your most complicated clients.

If you are a trainer who has struggled with understanding or applying the often complicated world of breathing mechanics based on multiple systems and algorithms, this course will simplify your strategy and make it more applicable to a gym setting.

If you are tired of courses that talk at you and don't allow your to absorb and develop your own ideas in your own time, and you want an educational opportunity that is community based so you build relationships that encourage questions and build you up as a professional this course has it all!

Here is the 12 week course outline:

  • Orientation and Keys to Success
  • Breathing, Position and Active Range of Motion Assessment.
  • Thorax Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Pelvis Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Shoulder Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Wide ISA - Exhaled Axial Skeleton - Inhalation Strategy
  • Narrow ISA - Inhaled Axial Skeleton - Exhalation Strategy
  • Exercise Selection - Squats and Hinges
  • Exercise Selection - Pushes and Pulls
  • CoContraction and Tendon Health
  • Asymmetries and the Diaphragm
  • Programming with a Purpose

**In addition to the mentorship you will have access to 12 weeks of programming that will help you understand the concepts from the course, increase confidence and athleticism in the gym, and EMPOWER you to train like an athlete. During the 12 weeks you will build an incredible level of strength, progress thru explosive plyometric drills with confidence, and develop optimal awareness of proper movement to prevent pain and become extremely resilient. If you’ve struggled to make progress, end up backsliding because of injuries, or feel uncomfortable trying new things then this program has it all. You’ll have access to me for all your questions throughout the program as well as the support of like minded, badass, women who want to push the limits in the gym. Your program will be delivered via an app on your phone to make it convenient and streamlined every time you enter the gym.

The Empowered Performance Program Includes:

  • 12 online live group calls that include education from me on breathing, biomechanics, active self assessment, tendon health, and more, as well as a live question and answer.
  • Over 6 hour of Live Bonus Calls from Top Coaches and PT's, and Dr's in the field. Scroll below to see the current list of presenters! 
  • Over 6 hours of bonus pre recorded calls from some of the best trainers and therapists in the industry.
  • 12 weeks of programming designed to get you strong, powerful and athletic.
  • 5 workouts a week, 3 main lifting days and 2 conditioning.
  • Easy to access customized programming on the Train Heroic app. 
  • Group camaraderie and accountability through an online forum where you can share struggles and triumphs, ask questions and relate to other women. 

Why I Created The Empowered Performance Program

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Rachel Balkovec

Rachel has just entered her first year as a minor league hitting coach with the New York Yankees. She is the first woman to hold that title in the history of professional baseball and is joining other women that will be in uniform this season in various roles.She joined the Yankees after completing her second master’s degree in biomechanics and statistics in the Netherlands. While in Amsterdam, she served as an assistant hitting coach for the Netherlands national softball and baseball programs and went on to complete her research at the world leading baseball performance research facility in Seattle, Driveline Baseball. Previously, she was in several roles with the Houston Astros’ strength and conditioning department. She completed the 2018 season with their AA affiliate, Corpus Christi Hooks and served as the Latin American Coordinator in her first 2 years with the organization. The first time she made history in professional baseball was in 2014 when she was hired as the first full time female strength and conditioning coach in the MLB in the role of Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals. She also worked in apprenticeship roles for Louisiana State University, The Chicago White Sox, Arizona State University, Los Tigres Del Licey Beisboland EXOS early in her career. The Omaha native is a former NCAA Division I softball catcher and has special interest in organizational culture and behavioral psychology in relation to coaching. She has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, a master’s degree in Sport Administration from LSU.

You can find out more about Rachel here. 

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Dr. Sid Stuart

Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician

Dr. Stuart will be speaking in depth about the effects to the pelvic diaphragm due to surgical intervention, child birth, and differences in the female anatomy and biochemistry that we need to take into account as trainers.

 Click Here for More about Dr. Stuart

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Mike Mullins

Michael is a clinically-based athletic trainer with over 25 years of experience in training and rehabilitation. He is the Owner/Clinician of Integrative Rehab Training LLC and sees clients out of Back Cove Personal Fitness in Portland and Beyond Strength in Falmouth. He is an NATA Certified Athletic Trainer and a registered Physical Therapy Assistant in California.  He is on the adjunct faculty at the University of New England and is a Certified Clinician through the Postural Restoration Institute. Michael specializes in the treatment, rehabilitation and training of individuals and has worked with all levels of athletes.  He has provided consultation, treatment and/or presentations to NFL teams, the US Ski Team, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning, Cressey Sports Performance, Perform Better seminars, Stars On Ice national tour, colleges & universities (Northeastern, Bates, Bowdoin, University of New England, College of the Holy Cross, University of Maine, UMASS Lowell, University of Southern Maine), national level rugby teams as well as numerous dance studios, sports teams, fitness facilities and running clubs.

Click here for more about Mike. 

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Alex Effer

Alex Effer is an Exercise Physiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with training in Postural Restoration Institute (PRI), and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) based out of Toronto, Canada. Alex has worked with, provided consultations and presented for professional (NBA, NHL), semi-professional and amateur athletes (Olympic athletes), executives, as well as those suffering from chronic diseases. Alex has based his practice and model on an integrative thought process, which includes topics such as; the complexities of the human body, movement, biomechanics, respiration, gait, exercise selection and pain. As a result, Alex is sought after for his knowledge by fitness and rehabilitation professionals who want to develop a coherent principles-based model to systemize their assessment and treatment.


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Michelle Boland

Michelle Boland, Ph.D is a certified strength and conditioning coach (NSCA) and owner of Michelle Boland Training, LLC. Michelle was previously the Director of Education at a private training facility and a Strength and Conditioning Coach for Northeastern University (Boston, MA). She played soccer and basketball at the collegiate level while she completed a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. Michelle also has a master’s degree in strength and conditioning and a doctoral degree in exercise physiology. Michelle specializes in movement biomechanics, athletic development, and improving fitness while addressing nagging pain or injuries that may be limiting performance.

Click here for more about Michelle 

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David Grey


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Chris Kelly


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Rali - Personal Trainer

This programme has everything. Training, education, community, support. I have done many courses, but this one was the first which challenged me in positive way. Katie is so good of teaching and explaining the why’s, even if things are very complicated. You also have access to online group where you can always ask questions. I think this programme is worth every penny.

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Ivana Mi - Personal Trainer

In a world where most seem afraid to share their knowledge and skills wanting to keep themselves above the rest, it seems like you gave us your EVERYTHING ! Nothing seemed rushed, nothing seemed half-assed . And you shared it all on such a high professional level, in terms of both content and the way you delivered it. 

A puzzle of biomechanics theory + training program+ coaching mentorship + individual needs all within this specific approach.  I literally had a feeling of puzzle pieces falling into place each week. 

The name EMPOWERED PERFORMANCE fits! I felt empowered in so many moments!


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Laci Weeks - Fitness Coach

As a fitness professional myself, I understand coaches need coaches! I was drawn to your program because education was part of the package. I learn best when I can actively apply the material to my own training. Not only am I getting an awesome program, but I am learning material to help me as a fitness coach...can’t  beat that! I also loved the fact that lifting heavy was part of the package :)! Your program design and philosophy spoke to me and did not disappoint! Being injured as a young athlete right out of college (2 hip surgeries and 1 shoulder surgery) led me to pursue a fitness and health career. I love the fact your program challenged me as an athlete, continued to reinforce a solid foundation, and allowed me to fit the program for my body type.
- Biggest Takeaway: I was able to learn how to apply my new knowledge of the body to a real life strength and conditioning program. It is much less overwhelming me to me now.