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Tuesday One Time Strength Workout Dec 1 at 8am EST

Here is a General Session Breakdown:

10 minute warm up with breathing, position, and co contractions to get your body ready for     movement. 

5-10 minutes of plyometrics and agility drills (low impact modifications for everything) to build athleticism, joint stability, and coordination as well as stimulate the nervous system. 

20-25 minutes of strength (plyometrics could be mixed into this)

10-15 minutes of conditioning using aerobic and anaerobic intervals.

5-10 minutes of restorative movement and breathing to get you relaxed and start your recovery.

Here is an equipment list:

  • 2 Dumbbells: 1 heavy (15-30lbs), 1 light (5-10lbs)

You can also sub any weight, KB, a Jug of Water, a book etc. (get creative as you need!)

  • 1 Mat or Comfy Place to Lay Down
  • A Chair or Sturdy Bench
  • A Set of  Super Bands (Link to Amazon

You will need a place to hook them up and a rope and possibly carabiner. You may also want handles you can attach. (again, get creative) Here are some options: Carabiners, Handles, Handles + Carabiners + Door Hook

These are optional and I will give you modifications if you only have DB's so do not worry!