$49.00 USD

Alchemy Strength Bundle Gift for a Friend

Experience 7 Full Body Strength Workouts from Alchemy Strength

Experience a process of understanding about your body and human movement that leads to impressive physical movement enhancements. Learn how to breathe better, increase your mobility and strength, decrease stress, feel amazing AND learn more about the concepts that I share on Instagram and Youtube and teach in my Empowered Performance Course in a real time full body workout.

 What's Included:

  • 7 of my very favorite 2023 pre-recorded live workouts with feedback, cueing, and answering participants questions.
    • Workout 1: Maintaining a Stack in All the Ranges

    • Workout 2: Optimizing Orientation in Strength Exercises

    • Workout 3: Roll and Glide: Hip and Shoulder Love

    • Workout 4: Bilateral Rib Flare and Core

    • Workout 5: Frontal Plane Glutes: Pushing Forward and to the Other Side

    • Workout 6: Overcoming vs. Yielding Strategies for Connective Tissue

    • Workout 7: Structuring a Workout through the Empowered Performance Lens: Optimizing Flow

  • Lifetime access so you can do them over and over again.