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Online Live Restorative Workouts - Wednesday January 5th, 2021 - One Time Drop In

Join me Wednesday at 8am for a 60 minute workout online for anyone that wants to get a great burn, learn how to breathe better, enhance their movement and mobility, decrease stress and feel amazing. Here is the layout of the workouts:

Warmup: (10-15 Minutes) Targeted exercises timed with inhalation and exhalation to improved movement and get ready for the workout.

Main Lifts: (20-25 Minutes) Squats, Lunges, Hinges, Pushes and Pulls to get a full body burn. We will use position, and tempo, dynamic movements, and supersets, to maximize intensity. (equipment is optional)

Conditioning: (10-15 Minutes) We will use agility, plyometrics, low and high intensity continuous training to keep our heart rates elevated, get a good sweat, and get our head in the right place!

Cool Down: (5-10 Minutes) We will use positional breathing strategies to restore position, "unkink" the body, and calm the nervous system.

*please note this option does not include a recording.