In Person

Online Services

Online training is perfect for those people that wish to workout on their own, in their home, or at their own gym but don’t need the 1 on 1 accountability and focus that in person training provides.  This is also a great option for in person clients who want to receive additional training when they are not with me in the gym.

Full Assessment for Online Training

There are two options for assessment when starting an online program, depending on your location, goals, and exercise history.


If you do not live in the Charleston area but still want to have me build you a custom program to do on your own, we will start with a personal assessment via email.  I will email you an assessment that allows you to self assess and return to me so I can gather information on your posture and movement capabilities. After completing this information we will schedule an online meeting to go over specifics regarding results of the assessment, goals, time restraints, equipment availability, and anything else you feel is important to your success.  I will then write you a complete 12 week program depending on your needs.


  • Complete self evaluation emailed to you directly.
  • 1 hr complete postural and movement analysis with goal setting via video chat.
  • 12 week custom program (length varies according to needs and goals)
  • 1 1 hr training session every 4 weeks via video chat to go over program, exercises, form and to discuss any concerns or issues you may have.
  • Email access to me to answer questions regarding your program during the duration of the program.
  • Weekly accountability emails from me to keep you on track.


$500 per month (3 month commitment required)


For those clients who live in the Charleston area, 2 in person sessions at the Wellness Center at MUSC or at your home (I come to you), is the best way to get started.  During these sessions we will do a complete postural analysis and a basic movement assessment. Information on the complete postural assessment can be found here.  We will discuss your personal goals, time restraints, current equipment and any other factors that I may need to keep in mind when developing your program. The goal of these sessions is to figure out the perfect plan for your body so I can devise a custom 12 week program that will deliver results and focus on your specific goals.


  • 1 hr complete postural and movement analysis with goal setting at your home or at the Wellness Center at MUSC.
  • 12 week custom program
  • 1 1hr in person training session every 4 weeks to go over your program, exercises, proper form, and to discuss other concerns or issues you may have.
  • Email access to me to answer questions regarding your program during the duration of the program.
  • Weekly accountability emails from me to keep you on track.


$600 per month in home or $500 per month at the wellness center. (3 month commitment required)


In Person Services

Complete Postural Assessment

The purpose of the complete postural assessment is for me to get a better understanding of your current alignment and how that is affecting your movement patterns. The assessment will use a sequence of table tests that guide me in understanding your individual muscle strength and weakness, ligament tension and laxity, changes in positions of bones and joints, and ability to recruit and mobilize correct musculature when moving. The goal of the postural assessment is to provide me with a better understanding of your body so we can form a plan that addresses any imbalances. We can use this understanding in ongoing 1 on 1 sessions to give you the best possible workout. We can also use our assessment in Postural Repositioning and Strengthening Sessions to specifically address ways you can manage your own postural imbalances. The postural assessment is 1 hour.

Postural Re-positioning and Strengthening Session

At each Re-positioning and Strengthening Session we will do a short retest to see changes made since the last time we met. We will use the formula from your Postural Assessment to develop a plan for creating strengthening exercises and “stretches” that will enable you to re-position your own body. Each time we meet for a session we will progress these exercises from a stable environment to a less stable environment until we get to a place where your body is able to maintain a neutral spine and pelvis in an unstable environment. Your body’s ability to maintain control while jumping, twisting, running, and doing all your favorite activities is our ultimate goal. Each session is 1 hour.


Personal Training

Using a well rounded strategy that incorporates our Postural Assessment as well as cutting edge information in the fields of sport training, movement, and nutrition, I am dedicated to achieving your long term goals. I will provide more than just a great workout. I will design a plan that is customized to your needs and focused on achieving optimal performance through constant evaluation. There is no one size fits all exercise strategy. It is important to be able to change directions as soon as something is not working. I will provide a level of focus and understanding of movement that will make it possible for me to offer solutions and change movement patterns based on your needs at the moment. Your goals may be gaining strength, losing weight, running a marathon, learning to wakeboard, etc. My goal will always be to get you there in the most advantageous way. Sessions can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your wants, needs, and goals. Personal training can be 1 on 1 or 2 on 1.


Group Training

Training in a group does not allow the same postural and movement focus as personal training, however I design all group sessions to incorporate strength, posture, balance, agility, high intensity intervals, and body awareness. I am also able to work around limitations and give you alternative exercises if something does not feel like it is working or causing pain. Group training is fun, affordable and provides accountability from others in the group. You may choose to have a Postural Assessment prior to starting group training if you have pain or feel unbalanced. Through your assessment I can better guide you in the group sessions to make small changes to exercises that will benefit you. Also, you will gain knowledge regarding your own body so that you can use tools that I give you to build postural strength outside of the group workouts. Group sessions are typically 1 hour and a group is between 3-8 people. Current group sessions are ongoing, however, if you wish to form your own group that is also possible.

Current Group Training: Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am or Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am or 8am. Packages are available.

For pricing and additional information please contact me directly at 843-697-9402 or at [email protected]