Here’s What People Have Said About Empowered Performance

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Ivana - Personal Trainer

In a world where most seem afraid to share their knowledge and skills wanting to keep themselves above the rest, it seems like you gave us your EVERYTHING! Nothing seemed rushed, nothing seemed half-assed. And you shared it all on such a high professional level, in terms of content and delivery. A puzzle of biomechanics theory + training program + coaching mentorship + individual needs all within this specific approach. I literally had a feeling of puzzle pieces falling into place each week.
The name EMPOWERED PERFORMANCE fits! I felt empowered in so many moments!
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I am extremely grateful for the Empowered Performance Program and all that I have learned while participating.  Katie has this incredible ability to break down complex, principle-based strategies in a simplistic manner so it can be easily applied to movement.  It has truly given me a whole new perspective of how I can assess and view movement. With the addition of the programming, I was able to feel the immediate impact by directly applying these strategies and techniques to my own body.  The Empowered Performance Program is impacting more than just those who are participating…  As Katie influences and challenges us, as coaches, we are able to make a more positive impact on our own clients.  The passion she pours into this program is exceptional and will definitely light a fire under your ass to be a better coach, altogether! 
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Rali - Personal Trainer

This program has everything. Training, education, community, support. I have done many courses, but this one was the first which challenged me in positive way. Katie is so good of teaching and explaining the why’s, even if things are very complicated. You also have access to online group where you can always ask questions. I think this program is worth every penny.
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Laci Weeks - Fitness Coach

As a fitness professional myself, I understand coaches need coaches! I was drawn to your program because education was part of the package. I learn best when I can actively apply the material to my own training. Not only am I getting an awesome program, but I am learning material to help me as a fitness coach...can’t  beat that! I also loved the fact that lifting heavy was part of the package :)! Your program design and philosophy spoke to me and did not disappoint! Being injured as a young athlete right out of college (2 hip surgeries and 1 shoulder surgery) led me to pursue a fitness and health career. I love the fact your program challenged me as an athlete, continued to reinforce a solid foundation, and allowed me to fit the program for my body type.
 - Biggest Takeaway: I was able to learn how to apply my new knowledge of the body to a real life strength and conditioning program. It is much less overwhelming me to me now.


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