Scapulothoracic Foundations

Maximizing Movement Options, Strength, and Position for Optimal Shoulder Health

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Our shoulder has the ability to move in many different ways, which is why it can be so difficult to control and also, why we can experience nagging irritations during exercise and when we are just performing everyday activities.

  • If you are sick of trying to figure out what is causing irritations when lifting heavy at the gym, reaching over head, trying to take your sports bra off, reaching into the back of the car etc...
  • If you are looking to gain more awareness and become familiar with what is happing with your shoulders or your clients (if you are a movement pro), and you don't have time or the desire to go down the rabbit hole of all the nuanced biomechanics involved, but you'd like to know enough to apply concepts...
  • If you are tired of passive options like massage, therapy, foam rolling, etc.... because they aren't working or improving pain or performance.

...Then chances are, you're missing an integral part!

We need to improve the position and ability of our scapula to move along our rib cage as well as improve the ability of our ribs to move dynamically. We will use graded exposure and practical guided application to get you there.

So, if you are ready to learn a bit more and commit to 10 minutes a day on most days to improve your shoulder health or your clients shoulder health then...

This is the course for you!

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Bonus Content!

3 Point Active Range of Motion Assessment

This assessment can be done anywhere and doesn't require more that a minute or two so you can get on with training while still knowing you are making progress.

3 Live Classes that Integrate some of the concepts in the course.

Katie has been teaching her online restorative full body workout classes for over two years and she is throwing in 3 recordings of her favorite ones that focused on the shoulder. This can help you identify how you might integrate some of these concepts into a workout.

A Lecture from Dr. Jason St.Clair on manual therapy techniques and the shoulder.

For those of you that do want to dive deep and learn a bit more this lecture will be extremely helpful, especially if you are a hands on therapist, so you can learn how you might integrate some of the exercises from the course into your therapy.

An Upper Body Exercise Library

Vertical and Horizontal Pushing and Pulling + Full Body Integrated Exercises that will give you options to apply these concepts in your accessory work. All you have to do is click the category for many exercise ideas.

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Sign Me Up For Scapulothoracic Foundations and Lumbo Pelvic Foundations for $54 Off