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Wednesday Restorative Workouts

Join me Wednesdays for a very restorative, no equipment online workout at 8am for 60 minutes This workout is for anyone that wants to get a great burn, learn how to breathe better, enhance their movement and mobility, decrease stress and feel amazing.

Here is the breakdown of the  Wednesday workout:

Warmup: (10-15 Minutes) Targeted exercises timed with inhalation and exhalation to improved movement and get ready for the workout.

Main Lifts: (20-25 Minutes) Squats, Lunges, Hinges, Pushes and Pulls to get a full body burn. We will use position, and tempo, dynamic movements, and supersets, to maximize intensity. (equipment is optional and there will be low impact options for every ability level)

Conditioning: (10-15 Minutes) We will use agility, plyometrics, low and high intensity continuous training to keep our heart rates elevated, get a good sweat, and get our head in the right place!

Cool Down: (5-10 Minutes) We will use positional breathing strategies to restore position, "unkink" the body, and calm the nervous system.

** Each class is slightly different so make sure to reach out if you are interested in what we have planned for the week!

Wednesday Workout Monthly Subscription Option

In addition to the live workouts you will get access to my website with recordings of all of the workouts so you can go back and repeat them when it is convenient. Your membership allows you 24/7 access to the recorded workouts. In the event you cannot make a workout you will have access to the live recording to do at another time.

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Wednesday Workout One Time Drop In Option

The drop in option is great for anyone who can't commit to a regular time, but want an opportunity to gets some movement, improve mobility and destress!

** Drop ins will not get access to video recordings after the workout. 

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