A bit more about me as your trainer

I have a passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals while always taking their postural balance and joints into consideration.  I believe that it is possible to restore the body while continuing to pursue any movements you love and I know that doing so will provide you with a stronger body and mind and allow you to perform at a peak level no matter how you choose to move.   I have been training individuals, groups and athletes for over 20 years. 

As a gymnast for 12 years and a lifelong athlete I developed a strong understanding of movement and strength, but, unfortunately, I also developed a multitude of improper movement patterns and musculoskeletal injuries.  Because of this unbalanced movement I have a personal understanding of chronic pain. However, my chosen profession has served me well as I also have a scientific understanding of how to fix that chronic pain through my education.  My own personal journey has allowed me to develop a deep passion and empathy for all of my clients and anyone suffering from chronic pain.  My educational background, devotion to lifelong learning in my field, and enthusiasm for understanding human movement allow me to stay fully engaged in my clients fitness at every session. 

I hold a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Florida State University and I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a Certified Personal Trainer through NSCA.  I have advanced training through the Postural Restoration Institute in Postural Restoration’s Myokinematic Restoration,  Postural Respiration. Pelvis Restoration, And Cervical Revolution. I also have an Advanced Weight Loss and Sport Nutrition Certification with Precision Nutrition

  • I have spent my entire life educating myself on human movement so that I can truly help you understand your body and how to get it functioning at its best.
  • I am committed to constant learning so as new ideas and research emerge I will always be eyes and ears wide open so I can better serve my clients.
  • I not only can help you get stronger but I can perform a complete assessment of Lumbo-Pelvic-Femoral Pathomechanics (in layman’s terms – I can assess the relationship of the position of the bones of the hips, legs, and knees and how they function with the ligaments and muscles) and help guide your body back into alignment so that you can avoid or fix common issues such as low back pain, knee pain, SI pain, “piriformis syndrome” and many other issues.
  • I can assess thorax, rib, and diaphragm positioning and function, as well as breathing pattern disorders. Using this knowledge I can help prevent overuse of accessory respiratory muscles that may lead to injury or pain in the shoulders, neck, mid and lower back.
  • I can develop a program that address all of these issues whether your goal is to look better, feel better, train for an athletic event, perform better at your sport, or just to have a kick butt, sweaty, calorie burning, workout!  Whatever your goal is, I can get you there with a healthy body!
  • I can teach you to take care of your own body using research based exercises that help keep you in alignment during your time spent moving without me.
  • I can motivate you and be your cheerleader when you feel you are up against insurmountable odds. I want everyone to feel what it’s like to love moving.  I can help you feel like and move like an athlete.
  • I hope to develop an online resource that provides you with information as clients that you can use to better understand and help your body and fitness goals.  For fellow trainers and movement focused professionals, I hope to share my ideas and passions so we can all form discussions and learning through engaging and learning with and from each other.

In addition to being a trainer, I’m a mom, a wife, and a strong woman.  I can still run, surf, wakeboard, hike, bike, swim, kick butt in the gym, do pullups, flip in the air, walk on my hands across the room, and anything else I set my mind to. My most recent passion is kiteboarding which I picked up at 39.  I intend to move and find happiness in movement for as long as I can.