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If you are a personal trainer, physical therapist, ATC, CSCS, or any movement professional who wants to master cutting edge information on movement, biomechanics and biotensegrity, respiratory mechanics, tendon health, gait, pelvic floor, exercise selection, programming and more, for effective client results for anyone you work with then:

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Approved for 2.0 CEU's with NSCA and 1.9 CEU's with NASM

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Empowered Performance isn’t just another certification course like the others that you have taken, It’s a 12 - week intensive process that will help you go from feeling confused and stuck to creating and implementing programs for your self and clients based on solid understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and first principles of the most cutting edge information available regarding breathing, position and athletic movement.

It's Time To Expect More From Education and Training!

If you are a health and fitness professional that wants to be EMPOWERED with cutting edge information on movement, breathing mechanics, and training, while experiencing the concepts in your own body, this is the program for you!

  • You’ll learn how to self assess using active range of motion testing to help you understand your own compensations and ingrained patterns as well as how to assess and help even your most complicated clients.

  • How to create a simple and effective program from complex training information that you actually understand. If you are a trainer who has struggled with understanding or applying the often complicated world of respiration and biomechanics based on multiple systems and algorithms, this course will simplify your strategy and make it more applicable to a gym setting. The art of programming is lost and I'll teach you how to become an expert.
  • Community of top 1% of fitness professionals, so that you can absorb and develop your own ideas in your own time, and have an educational opportunity that is community based so you build relationships that encourage questions and build you up as a professional.

  • Build an incredible level of strength, progress thru explosive plyometric drills with confidence, and develop optimal awareness of proper movement to prevent pain and become extremely resilient.
  • Approved for 2.0 CEU's with the NSCA and 1.9 CEUs with NASM

The truth is: 

Our understanding of human movement and performance is constantly evolving, if you don't have a sustainable model based on principles that allows you to asses and evolve, then your complicated clients can’t get lasting results.

The content in Empowered Performance is not pre recorded and always being updated so that you get the latest, most beneficial information.

September 2022 Guest Speakers

Jill Miller, C-IAYT, ERYT is the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide and creator of the self-care fitness formats Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method. 

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Brian Mackenzie - Founder and Director of SHIFT, President of the Health and Human Performance Foundation

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Guest Speakers