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Thank you for being here and checking out the Empowered Performance Community, where I teach principles of human movement and ways to improve performance.

More importantly, this is a learning space where we welcome a group perspective that emphasizes cooperation, critical thinking, and creativity. We want to help you integrate the concepts into any modality, system, therapy or training model, that helps you provide a love of movement to your clients and yourself.


Empowered Performance is more than a course. It gives you a holistic perspective of human movement that goes way beyond biomechanics.

In live lectures, we go through theory but parallel to it ‚Äď we learn how to¬†integrate the concepts from day one! In week one you start assessing your own movement as well as practicing the concepts right away on yourself or on your clients.¬†

We start with anatomy and biomechanics and move into biotensegrity so that you have a foundational understanding. I teach you how the body is meant to move without compensation, and then all the ways in which we can brilliantly compensate. I always say the body is smarter than we are. I want you to be able to be one step ahead for yourself and your clients.

The calls are very interactive, and you get to ask questions throughout. We often have long discussions and I encourage you to think creatively and share your ideas. It is not just me throwing information at you.
Parallel to the live teaching calls there is a 12 week strength program that you can follow which is accompanied with my support over a slack group. I have created the programming based on the principles that I teach. You get to experience respiratory mechanics, tendon health, plyometrics, shape change accessory work, and¬† more, while you learn the reasons behind picking a certain variation of a drill. The best way to learn is by doing it. This also gives you a chance to¬† notice difficulties, in either execution, or when trying to coach the movement ‚Äď everything that comes up for you.¬†I encourage you to share in the slack group in comments, or pictures or videos, and you will get my feedback.

The many different puzzle pieces will slowly come together throughout the course, so you can see the full picture in the end. This parts and whole perspective is very helpful because it allows you to zoom in  and zoom out when you need to.

What I am teaching you are the principles of biomechanics and biotensegrity, respiratory mechanics, tendon health, gait, pelvic floor and exercise selection and more, based on the latest science.

This is not a cookie cutter program and the content evolves and changes every time I run the course.


I am giving you the tools, and we will actively learn together and then you get to implement it how it suits your clients and your  business. I try to teach in the simplest way I know how, and will continuously go over the material from different angles for better understanding.

I truly believe that this experience will deepen and strengthen the foundation you already have and open up new possibilities for you to grow as a coach.

After you finish the course, you are also not left on your own! I have created an Academy membership ‚Äď where you can continue learning and exploring and improving together with like-minded people if you choose.

Empowered Performance is an active integration of:


Katie is a certified strength and conditioning coach, certified personal trainer and owner of Katie St.Clair Fitness. During her over 20 years in the industry, she has worked with general population clients of all ages, collegiate and amateur athletes in both private and corporate settings.

She is the creator of The Empowered Performance Program, a 12 week online educational mentorship for movement professionals and she has mentored over 1000 coaches, trainers, therapists and other movement professionals. She has an ongoing learning platform, The Empowered Performance Academy for graduates of her course where she continues to mentor and offer advanced training.

As a lifelong athlete, she values the ability to move well at every stage of life and it is her passion to teach others how to optimize their life through quality movement. She takes an all encompassing approach that utilizes principles from many different systems, along with her own lens as a competitive multi sport athlete to create educational content that helps to level up the movement industry.

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