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Maximizing the Midrange

Optimize Squats and Split Squats Through and Understanding of Hip Biomechanics

Join me as I take you through an understanding of hip biomechanics including lumbo pelvic biomechanics and learn how to optimize position and posture to improve strength training of these foundational movements.
  • Do you struggle with the mid range of a squat and split squat?
  • Do you hinge forward, hike your hip, or overarch as soon as you get to 90 degrees to make up for lack of mobility at the hip?
  • Do you look like your back is flat and tail is tucked as you go through the mid range of a squat or split squat? 
  • Can you achieve a "stack" or does your stack require you to lose all your lumbar curve to create enough space for internal rotation?
  • What is a stack?
  • Do you have lots of tension in your low back or SI area instead of you glutes and quads?

Expect to learn:

  • The anatomy and kinematics of the pelvis, femur and hip joint.
  • The biomechanics of the squat and split squat
  • Understanding the stack
  • Compensations in a squat and split squat
  • Optimizing the mid range to reduce compensations
  • Practical strategies
  • Live application of midrange techniques
  • Exercise Playlist included