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Biomechanics of the Squat - Optimizing the Mid Range

How should I squat?

Katie gives a full breakdown of the biomechanics of a squat to Samantha Ciaccia's KB course participants. She discusses how to optimize the movement by understanding how the mid range can impact performance. 

Expect to:

  •  Understand how to decide what squat you might choose depending on your goals. 

  •  A breakdown of the arthokinematics of the pelvis and hips, how the degree of hip flexion changes joint movement and why bands around the knees might not be a good thing for developing strong glutes. 

  •  Develop a lens of understanding the pressure management interplay between the pelvic and thoracic diaphragm and how powerful this interplay can be in developing force production.

  •  Learn how to test and optimize the mid range of the squat using positions that allow for the greatest length of the posterior pelvic floor and hip external rotators to create a powerful sling shot.

  • Go over exercises live with me and review an entire playlist to improve the mid range. Playlist is included. 


  • How long is the Webinar? 

    The recording is 68 minutes long.

  • Will I have unlimited access? 

    Yes - it's a one-time purchase with lifetime access!

  • Will I need to be prepared to move?

There is a live coaching of a few positions at the end but it does not require heavy lifting.