$29.00 USD

Pressure Leaks and Performance Webinar

Understand how compensations create leaks in our body's pressure management system. 

Katie will break down 3 common leaks: Hernias, Diastasis, Prolapse, and provide you with specific examples of breathing drills and strength exercises to help your clients and yourself.

Expect to:

  • Develop a lens for seeing the human body as a fluid filled sac that is capable of changing shape based on our unique adaptations.

  • Understand hernias and the most common presentations we see in both males and females. 

  • Understand different types of pelvic organ prolapse and be able to identify risk factors so you can help your clients manage their symptoms within their programming. 40% of women develop prolapse.

  • Understand Diastasis and the different areas where it can occur as well as risk factors.

  • Understand why position and shape of our bodies may cause us to develop these leaks. 
  • Breakdown extension pattern and sway back posture and understand how to improve these postures to prevent or help with these leaks.
  • Learn to test for areas of compression and ways to improve possible areas.
  • Go over specific areas for each area of compression, including: Posterior Thorax (high and low), Anterior Thorax (high and mid), Posterior Pelvis, and Sway Back Postures (specific exercises for rectus dominance.) Playlist is included.
  • Understand the role of non contractile tissue, impacts of estrogen, and how to train to improve their responsiveness.


  • How long is the Webinar? 

    The recording is 70 minutes long.

  • Will I have unlimited access? 

    Yes - it's a one-time purchase with lifetime access!