$39.00 USD

Scapulothoracic Biomechanics and Assessment Webinar

Improve Shoulder Mobility and Stability and Learn to Assess

Join myself and my husband, Dr. Jason St.Clair, as we take you through an assessment of the shoulder and how to identify movement limitations. We will then go over how you can use the breath to improve mobility so you can train effectively.

Expect to:

  •  Develop an understanding of how the breath can help improve the position of the rib cage and scapula to improve shoulder range of motion.

  • Learn how our ribs move in gait and why it is important to improve this reciprocal motion.

  •   Understand the arthokinematics of the scapula and the humerus.

  • Learn a 3 point shoulder assessment that doesn't require your client to lay on a table and keeps them active.
  •  Learn how to apply respiration drills tailored to the thorax to improve mobility.


  • How long is the Webinar? 

    The recording is 75 minutes long with Q and A

  • Will I have unlimited access? 

    Yes - it's a one-time purchase with lifetime access!

  • Do I need to be prepared to workout? 

    Nope - the information covered in the lecture can all be done in your home!