5 Week Functional Foot Course with Rali Malcheva

Over 5 weeks we will do a deep dive into the function of the foot and its relationship to the rest of the body. We will learn through application, using interactive case studies, sharing videos on Slack, and troubleshooting as a group. 

As a Personal Trainer I was taught to coach my clients with a muscle first approach, "how can I train each muscle group individually", but in my 10 years experience working with clients, I have realized that this one sided approach is not always successful, because nothing works in isolation and this includes the feet. 

The feet are one of the most neglected parts of the human body, despite the fact that it is often our first connection with the ground and we spend most of our days standing, moving, walking, running, and jumping on our feet. That’s why in the next 5 weeks we will talk all about the feet, learn more about their biomechanics and function, exercise selection and more. 

Course starts July 3rd!


Course curriculum

Week 1:

Functions of the Foot, Foot Shapes, What is Pronation & Supination, Foot Arches, Foot Tripod, Foot Biomechanics and the relationship with the rest of the body, Assessment of the Foot, Resting Foot pressure
Week 2:

Dynamic Foot Assessment, Dynamic Foot Pressures , Dynamic Foot Pronation and Supination, Assessment of the foot and the rest of the body, Interactive application of the assessment and Q & A

Week 3:

Exercise Selection and how to train the Foot and the Rest of the body. Choosing exercises to improve foot mechanics and foot pronation and supination, and restore better functions of the foot. 

Week 4:

Application Call - Practicing the Assessment, Coaching the foot to pronate and Supinate. Group discussion about exercises selection and coaching the foot to land, load and push off.
Week 5:

Practical Foot Case Study Call so you know how to apply the material from the call right away


What to expect for the next 5 weeks:

  • 1 x 90-120 min live call every week for¬†5 weeks¬†
  • Recording of all of the calls will be shared with all participants after each session.
  • Lifetime access of the material, including recordings.
  • Private Slack Community for further questions and discussion on topics related to the foot case studies course¬†
  • Access to me, via Slack and Email

 How does it work?  

  • Small online group:¬†¬†20-30 people
  • We will meet once a week on Wednesdays
    from 12pm EST / 5pm UK time, for 90-120 min interactive online call via Zoom:
    July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st
  • Each call will include: Presentation, Movement Practice and Q&A
  • We will have case studies in week 3-4 and learn how to access in real time, teach the foot drills and get really good at choosing the exercises based on the person in front of you
  • You can be your own case study for these 4 weeks and apply the information from the course to yourself and explore your feet and body alignment.¬†
  • Start¬†July 3rd
  • Cost $375

T e s t i m o n i a l s

Diana Duncan:

I studied with Rali through the Empowered Performance program, engaged in private 1:1 sessions and completed  her Foot course. I am a provider of 1:1 private movement coaching and manual therapy.  Rali’s Foot course enhanced my understanding of working with my body, particularly through how I move through my feet. Her adept cuing and instruction enabled me to perceive my body’s unique movement patterns, informing tailored workouts and recovery strategies that support my physical goals and my well-being. These insights gradually permeated into my 1:1 coaching practice, allowing me to apply my learnings to guide clients in their programs. I recognize that my assessment skills have sharpened. I have  greater confidence in designing personalized programs to help each individual sense, feel and work skillfully to improve their own physical strength and movement.  I am very interested in this topic and there is still so much to learn. I am looking forward to future work with Rali.  

Nicola Simbeck

Last year (2023) I joined the 4 weeks functional foot course with Rali and I was impressed how she could break down complex biomechanical knowledge in an understandable way. After the course I took an online coaching session with her - and I really enjoyed her way of coaching since she made me move in a better way without giving too much cueing. Her way of seeing things and understanding how a person moves and what strategies to use in order to improve that movement is very professional.

I can definitely recommend Rali and her courses :)

Lisa Allergetti

Rali’s course is a pearl in the biomechanics world.

It has been so useful to dive deep into foot mechanics and understanding how much it matters into the overall vision and evaluation of someone’s posture and movement. 

This course is very well organized and Rali explains everything very clearly! I really suggest everyone belonging to fitness industry and physical therapy to take and enjoy this course! 

Melinda Baughman : 

Rali excels at observing movement and posture and understanding what people need to improve foot health and overall movement patterns. Her foot courses explain the anatomy and function of the foot in a way that is easy to understand. She has a clear and open communication style that makes her a pleasure to learn from and work with. I implement what I've learned from Rali for myself and in the fitness classes that I teach. Learning to access more of my foot tripod and learning to pronate and supinate have helped me to alleviate years of foot pain in a very short period of time! I know that she would say pain-relief is not something she can promise. Fair enough, but our feet are our foundation and if they are unstable or not moving well, we potentially have issues there and up the body. Gaining an understanding of the feet can help with overall strength and well-being. Rali's course is a game changer!

Adelaide Meadow:  

I‚Äôve worked with Rali for nine months and I have no intention on stopping. I‚Äôm a movement professional myself, and I‚Äôve trained with a lot of trainers, and I cannot express just how much I‚Äôve learned from our sessions. I originally approached Rali after taking her illustrious foot function course (which I highly recommend), because I was still experiencing troubling knee pain that was continuing to worsen, despite physical therapy and a year of focused training. Within a few sessions, my pain started to improve, and nine months later, I am doing exercises that seemed impossible before training with her. Relatively quickly, my goals were able to progress to building functional strength, rather than simply addressing chronic pain - what a win! Her unique genius is her understanding of many¬† biomechanical and pain resolution protocols, but never losing sight of the unique body in front of her. I truly believe that Rali can help anybody move with more function and comfort. She‚Äôs a trainer of trainers!‚ÄĚ

A bit more about me as your trainer

I have been working as Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach since 2012. I am qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer & Pre and Post Natal coach.
I have a love for weights training, but my latest interest is to incorporate functional movement, breathing, foot mobility and strength all in one. I have total respect for what the human body and mind could achieve if we put the work in and look after ourselves.
I have been taking a variety of courses in the last 3 years, which helped me to create my unique model and approach to work with 1-1 clients and small groups, which is including my interest and obsession about the Foot Biomechanics and Foot Movement.
I have been part of Empowered Performance since the beginning, and have the unique opportunity and privilege to learn and work with Katie StClair and present for her EP mentorship and Academy.
I offer a full body approach to fitness and training, with assess and re-test methods to measure clients progress. Find solutions that will improve movement, reduce compensations and use principle based training, so that my clients can get stronger and function better without setbacks. My priority is to help people to achieve their goals in the best possible way and keep them moving forwards.
I work with people from all age groups and I enjoy the diversity and challenges which every day brings.

For additional information please contact me directly [email protected]¬†