Empowered Performance May Group

Live Calls Schedule

Mentorship May 2024 Schedule (All Calls are ET)

EP Schedule - budget 2 hours for each call time, though they may run shorter than that

* All Tuesday calls are at 12 EST
** Guest Speaker Calls
*** Case Study Calls
**** Small Group Calls - these are times that you may want to hop on to troubleshoot and ask questions

week 1 - All Tuesday calls are at 12pm EST ! 

Tuesday May 7th - On-boarding

week 2
Tuesday May 14th - Assessment

week 3
Tuesday May 21st - Thorax and Shoulder
Thursday 10am EST-  TBC!  Application call 1

week 4
Tuesday May 28th - Pelvis
date TBD - Small group call  1

week 5
Tuesday  Jun 4th - Understanding Tension and Compression

week 6
Tuesday  Jun 11th - Compensatory Tension and Compression
Thursday 10am EST - TBD! - Application call  2

week 7
Tuesday  Jun 18th - Pelvic Diaphragm Gait and the Foot
date TBD - Small group call 2

week 8
Tuesday Jun 25th - Dr. Emily Kadish Presentation 1 (Internal Pelvic Floor PT)

week 9
Tuesday July 2nd - Co-Contractions and Tendon Health

week 10
Tuesday July 9th - Exercise Selection
Thursday  July  11th at 12est - Rali Malcheva - Foot Biomechanics Presentation

week 11
Tuesday July 16th - System Restoration
Friday July 19th at 10 EST - Dr. Emily Kadish Presentation 2 (Internal Pelvic Floor PT)  

week 12
Tuesday July 23rd - Programming with a Purpose

week 13
Ep group invited to join Academy calls on Monday and Wednesday at 12 EST

# call dates and times will be confirmed before course start