A Quick Recap of What You Can Expect:

  • 12 online live group calls that include education on breathing, biomechanics, active self assessment, biotensegrity, tendon health, pelvic floor, gait, foot mechanics, and more, as well as live question and answer.
  • 3 Live Case Studies
  • 2 live presentations with Dr. Emily Kadish (internal pelvic floor expert) that deep dive into pelvic floor health and give you a whole new lens for understanding the importance of the principles in EP.
  • 4 live guest speakers that will blow you away and help you to integrate all of the information!
    • Dr. Ryan Crandall - The Role of Non Contractile Tissue in Limiting Range of Motion
    • Rali Malcheva-Ivanova "Foot Extraordinaire"!
    • Alison Helms "Running Expert"
    • Joy Black - Pre and Postpartum integration.
  • A full library of previous guest speakers to further your understanding and inspire you to be an amazing coach, trainer, or therapist!
  • 12 weeks of programming designed to get you strong, powerful and athletic.
  • 5 workouts a week, 3 main lifting days and 2 conditioning.
  • Easy to access customized programming on the Train Heroic app. 
  • Group camaraderie and accountability through an online forum where you can share struggles and triumphs, ask questions and build on concepts.
Pay in Full April 2022

$1,050.00 USD
3 Month Payment Plan April 2022

3 monthly payments of $375.00 USD
6 Month Payment Plan April 2022

6 monthly payments of $200.00 USD