Work with Rali Malcheva

Movement and Foot Consults with Rali

Foot mobility is important for everyone who wants to move well and keep active for a lifetime. How your foot hits the ground, moves in space and changes shape has a direct impact on the rest of your body. Often ankle, knee, hip or back issues can be related to poor foot mechanics and mobility. 

The goal of the online consult is to provide you with an understanding of how your foot and body are adapting to the demands in place. I use a series of active range of motion assessments to figure out where we may be able to improve your foot mechanics and overall movement. Depending on your goals we will decide on what course of action needs to be taken and discuss exercise strategies. Once the consultation is completed you will receive an email with the recording, notes from the assessment and recommendations for further call of action. 

Cost $200 Initial Consult



4 Weeks Functional Foot Course with Rali Malcheva

Cost $375

For additional information please contact me directly [email protected] 

A bit more about me as your trainer

I have been working as Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach since 2012. I am qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer & Pre and Post Natal coach.
I have a love for weights training, but my latest interest is to incorporate functional movement, breathing, foot mobility and strength all in one. I have total respect for what the human body and mind could achieve if we put the work in and look after ourselves.
I have been taking a variety of courses in the last 3 years, which helped me to create my unique model and approach to work with 1-1 clients and small groups, which is including my interest and obsession about the Foot Biomechanics and Foot Movement.
I have been part of Empowered Performance since the beginning, and have the unique opportunity and privilege to learn and work with Katie StClair and present for her EP mentorship and Academy.
I offer a full body approach to fitness and training, with assess and re-test methods to measure clients progress. Find solutions that will improve movement, reduce compensations and use principle based training, so that my clients can get stronger and function better without setbacks. My priority is to help people to achieve their goals in the best possible way and keep them moving forwards.
I work with people from all age groups and I enjoy the diversity and challenges which every day brings.