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The Fundamentals will cover the following topics: Breathing and Pressure Management, Pelvis and Thorax Orientation (achieving a stack), Hip Shifting , Shoulder Protraction, Co-contractions

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Hips Don't Lie

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Shakira was onto something with her song "Hips Don't Lie". She said in an interview that the song's lyrics were inspired by her ability to determine the release of a song by whether or not it motivates her to dance. In the song the movement of the hips reveal the truth about a person's feelings or desires. In some ways I can really resonate with this and it comes up in my work so often, even though the context is completely different. 

I mean I wish my hips could move like Shakiras, which in reality is probably a lot more spinal motion than what I'm going to discuss here, but still, it's pretty impressive! Hips Don't Like Music Video

When my body is feeling really good, I feel compelled to move more and "get in my body", and when I feel a little stiff or stuck or like things are just "off" I tend to get frustrated and feel "up in my head" and disconnected from my body. 

As you all know, if you are on my email list or reading my blog I use positional breathing drills often to improve the connection with my body via the respiratory system. I began learning these techniques from The Postural Restoration Institute years ago and they have become a foundational principle in my coaching with all of my clients.

Ultimately, they have inspired me to see the body as a whole, separated AND connected by parts that contain relative motions. The ability for the relative motions (think individual joints) to move effectively creates a whole body connectedness that leaves me feeling compelled to move more and "get in my body" or as Shakira might say, allows me to see my true desires through a feeling of wanting to dance (and shake those hips!). 

The foundation of restoring these relative motions is at the very center of us, the breath and the diaphragm. It is this foundation that ultimately was more helpful than any exercises that I had ever utilized to improve joint mobility or range of motion.

Without the breath there was no "getting out of my head" and "into my body" and that is the link that allows for the whole body connectedness that doesn't just restore movement, it creates a desire in me to move. 

Although many of the exercises that I have created and use with clients are inspired my own unique lens of movement (especially my time in gymnastics) they almost always take into account the parts, the whole and the breath. 

Today I want to share with you two exercises that I hope will improve your desire to move more by restoring the relative motion at the hips while integrating the breath, so we can all feel as empowered in our bodies as Shakira.

 Exercise 1: Bear Hip Shifts + Hip Rotations

YouTube Bear Hip Shift + Rotations

Perform 10 reps of both the hip shifts plus the rotations on each side. Make sure to include the breath to allow for the pressure to move both up and down in the thorax. Full instructions are in the video.

Exercise 2: Standing Reciprocal Hip Shifts

YouTube Standing Reciprocal Hip Shifts

Perform 10 reps to each side. If needed you can pause and take a couple of full breaths before switching sides. As you become more comfortable you can move from one inhale to each side and exhale has you transition. Full instructions are in the video.

I hope that both of these exercises further your love of movement and desire to move!

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